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Wicked Monkey Gaming Community

Here at wicked monkey gaming we have a growing gaming community that focuses on older gamers that are 18+. The gaming community is built on love of tactical shooters and survival games. Some of our members stream, so like to game and write game walkthroughs, others just like to hang out and get to know people. The goal here is to destress from a rough work week, sit down and not have to listen to squeekers on an hourly basis. Many of our members have been with us for 8+ years and have interacted in real life. We want people who like to stream, help with the website, meet new people and game.

Join Our Gaming Community

There are a few different ways to join the community. Through the website, or through your preferred gaming system. 95% of our members are currently on the Xbox with a few that switched over to PC. We are currently looking for community ambasitors for PC & PS4. This comes with information updates to members, server management and gaming community function management such as tournaments, giveaways and functions.

If you would like to join up with wicked monkey gaming community click the button to get started. or here to contact us

Do You Stream?

Wicked monkey gaming community is extremely supportive of its members streaming and making a name for themselves online. We update all the information we can on our website to help ACTIVE members gather traffic and stream views. Need help with getting set up let us know we would be glad to help you. We can also link over to your social media to help increase followers. With are community we like to game, get tactical and help others get a foot hold in the field. If you want to sign up and start live streaming and game with other like minded adults, Click the joing now up top or contact us for more information.

If you have game clips you would like posted to our youtube, please contact us