PubG is a battle royale tacical shooter that really stands out and that has taken gamers by storm. Its the second best one in the world next to fortnite unless your looking for realism. Then Wicked Monkey Gaming labels it number 1. Now on console and pc, check it out!


Author's rating

Overall rating

Overall rating
The good
  • Realistic Tactical Shooter
  • Great Maps & Guns
  • Multi player with 100 players
The bad
  • Minor Bugs
  • Wait time when playing with teams
  • Addictive


You and millions of other players around the world already know how it goes by now in player unknown battlegrounds a.k.a. pubg. One hundred players land on an island, scavenged for gear and race against an ever closing circle to become the last one standing. Pubg is the game that kicked off the battle royal craze with its great realistic style of gameplay.  The recent updates that arrived pubg on Xbox One shakes off its janky reputation from the Xbox game preview version. The frame rate stutters a bit in the lobby area, and during jumps but other than that, connection problems or disconnects are rare.

You can play in first or third person which is a helpful distinction to keep things fair.  Players can pick between solo duo or full squads of four. All of which have entertaining and different styles of gameplay. Compared to other battle royale shooters, specifically fortnight, pubg is a methodical and tactical experience. Pubg is as much about avoiding combat until you’re sure you have the upper hand to score kills tactically. That makes the highs that much more exhilarating but also the lows can be painfully dull, and you may go a long time without seeing anyone. This game does an excellent job of keeping looting relevant by placing upgrades among the semi-randomly distributed weapons and gear. Airdrops also give powerful items that tempt you to expose yourself.

Pubg Maps

The original map erangel is still the best. It’s a modern Ireland full of small towns, military base, multilevel prison, hospital, school and more as its key landmarks. Miramar the desert map is the same overall size as erangel, but the desolate landscape and rundown aesthetic make it feel mostly empty. You can spot enemies running across the desert a mile away. Certainly, this increases the tension and anxiety since you always feel exposed. It often winds up becoming who finds the best randomly placed scope rather than actual skill in a firefight.

The opposite end of the spectrum is  Sanhok; it’s a jungle environment full of lush greenery and tropical cabins that’s precisely half the size of the other two. Within seconds of landing, you’ll probably see someone no matter how far removed you think you are from the plane’s flight path. The downside is the mad dash to find a gun at the start to take out your neighbors if you don’t get lucky your match is over.

Game Experience

Regardless of what map you’re on once the circle gets tight, everyone starts playing cautiously. Since you can assume those left alive have just as much if not more firepower than you do. The tension of a pubg match that only has 10 or 15 people left is pure adrenaline making it addictive to watch and even more so to experience. Pubg also has an event pass that’s similar to fortnight’s battle pass with cosmetic unlocks and tailored challenges.

On Xbox One it now runs smoothly, features four vastly different maps and includes a ton of weapons, gear, and items to use in the deadliest online game. Its unique brand of tense realistic shooting mixed with slow-paced tactical combat manages to stay fresh and exciting even after hundreds of matches. It makes coming back for another attempt at a chicken dinner victory hard to resist.

Save Some Cash

If you are looking to buy pubg full price, it’s about $30 but if you would like to save some money check the links below. This gives you an excellent game for a fraction of the cost.

Pubg xbox – $10- $14

Pubg Pc -$10 – $15


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