The gameplay is fun and addicting if you’re interested in survival micromanagement style of games. The gameplay functions well with lots of depth to its character progression and tons of upgradeable structures and even upgrade vehicles. Things like being able to fill up your car and manage infections adds a lot of detail to the experience.


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Overall rating
The good
  • The sims with killers
  • awesome fight mechanics
  • Great co-op gameplay
The bad
  • Basic Storyline
  • co-op can advance your game fast
  • Very time consuming

Welcome to wicked monkey gaming’s State of decay two review. State of decay 2 is the same open-world sandbox mechanics that fans from the original game have come to love. But it also builds upon that with a better visual presentation smoother animation work and more in-depth community management options.

Let’s look at what this game has to offer in terms of story. Just like the original game save decay to focuses more so on the gameplay than it does on strong narratives. You won’t cross any cut scenes or dramatic interactions between characters like you wouldn’t more modern games. Instead, most of the dialogue between characters happens through text bubbles or radio updates from nearby survivors. After a long tutorial, you complete various missions to explain the game mechanics. The game, then lets you off the leash and you’re free to explore and build a community as you see fit. The game’s progression is based almost entirely around your community’s growth. As you save more survivors and develop more advanced structures, you’ll eventually be forced to move to larger cities and start over.

State of Decay 2 Maps

Players have the option to choose from three entirely different maps at the start of the game. Each map features its unique characters meaning there’s some decent replay value.

The game will end rather abruptly once you reach a certain level with the community advancements. And there’s no distinct narrative like the original game. Aside from relocating your community to a new map, there’s no real escape. Like before, everything you do in State of decay two is centered around expanding your main base and recruiting survivors. The gameplay remains mostly unchanged from the original game.


After some basics, you’re setting off to loot nearby buildings find valuable supplies and transport them back to your main base for distribution. Each building is on the map, and After scouting, you can determine which buildings have the potential resources you’re looking utilize.

Veterinarian clinics will have medical supplies. Restaurants will have food, and gun stores will have bullets. You can start looking around for glowing crates, and the loot will be on the ground. The number of boxes will be displayed on your heads up display, making a breeze to confirm that you’ve entirely searched a building.

Characters and Crafting

Each character has a weight limit, and a slot limit, each type of item takes up one slot in either your backpack pockets or hands. After searching only a few buildings will require you to offload your loot at your main base or outpost. Since each item also has its weight, you’ll also find that being over-encumbered will drastically affect your stamina. Low stamina can be dangerous if you get stuck countering a horde of zombies.

In addition to some smaller items like weapons, crafting items and health items, you can also find large duffel bags. These items are critical to the game and are used to resupply your community. Communities have specific needs like food medicine, and ammo. There is also fuel and materials which are used to expand your base.

Morale is the most critical component of the game, and keeping your community happy will go a long way in having a successful playthrough. If a community’s morale is too low for too long, you’ll run into a ton of problems like members of the community leaving and stealing resources. State of decay two should all be familiar to veterans of the original game with more buildable structures designed to boost morale and improve the quality of life. Such as workout station and gun ranges to make survivors feel comfortable but also allows them to acquire new skills.

Characters can be upgraded by performing specific actions like shooting or melee combat. If you reach ten stars for any of these skills, you’ll be given a choice between two different specialties like a unique combat move or increased health. In addition to ranking up your characters personal abilities, you can also increase their standing, which determines their rank in your community. If a member reaches a high enough standing, they can be promoted to a sheriff who is essentially the leader of the community and unlocks some unique improvements to your group. Having a well-rounded group of upgraded survivors is key to exploring the unforgiving world of State of decay 2.

Base Upgrades

Station upgrades can be acquired by locating special components in the world like portable generators. Each modification enhances the associated structure and can offer things like a morale boost or an increase in resource production.

State of Decay 2 also has you managing relationships with other communities. These neighbouring communities called enclaves can either be friendly neutral or even hostile, depending on how you treat them. You’ll often receive radio calls asking for assistance which adds a marker to the map. If you don’t help that group in time, that community could end up becoming hostile forcing you to kill the survivors if you get too close.


All the same zombies from the original game have returned with the standard walkers, the feral tank, screamers, and boaters. Combat functions are the same with players needing to use melee weapons because using firearms attracts zombies. Loud sounds like shooting guns knocking things over while looting or breaking into houses will trigger nearby zombies to investigate. It’s often advised to sneak around the world carefully, especially if you plan on keeping your character alive.

The combat does feel a bit smoother than it did in the original game with more delightful animations and unique takedowns. There are also some special combat moves that can be unlocked for individual characters.

In addition to zombies from before you’ll have to deal with blood plague zombies. These zombies aren’t really any more difficult than standard zombies but have glowing red eyes and often travel in hordes on the roads. They also find a lot of these zombies near nesting sites called plague hearts.

Plague hearts function a lot like the infested sites; the player will need to run in and destroy the Plague hearts while also fighting off hordes of zombies. If these blood play zombies bite your survivors, an infection bar appears above their mini-map, indicating how close they are to catching the disease. If a member ends up with the blood plague, then you’ll need to either heal them at a medical center with some valuable medical resources or put them down. If you do decide to put them down, that character is gone forever and will never respawn.

The long death

Every character in the game is irreplaceable. There’s no main character in State of decay 2. Each character will develop skills and experience separately and if they happen to get overwhelmed and killed suddenly that’s it — that character’s dead. The character might even turn into a zombie and attack your other characters if you don’t destroy the head. This permadeath mechanic is what makes State of decay so unique from tons of other zombie games on the market rooting for resources is a considerable risk.

Co-op Game Play

The co-op mode is on your own save while playing in someone else’s game. Now you won’t be able to collect primary resources like food or medicine duffel bags. Those are instead donated directly to the host player’s community. but smaller items you find in the world like weapons or health items are saved to your community.

Each building has a set amount of literal containers for each player marked by its color. PLAYER 2, for example, will only be allowed to loot from Blue crates. Anything aside from large resource duffel bags is theirs to keep. If that player’s character gets tired, they can switch between any of their characters on their save to join in, but they cannot interact with the host survivors.

Our opinion

The gameplay is fun and addicting if you’re interested in survival micromanagement style of games. The gameplay functions well with lots of depth to its character progression and tons of upgradeable structures and even upgrade vehicles. Things like being able to fill up your car and manage infections add a lot of detail to the experience. You’ll have an excellent zombie simulation experience with State of decay 2. I hope you guys enjoyed this review. The game is about $40 on the Xbox store, check below to save some cash to dive in.

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State of Decay 2 pc/xbox

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