Ark PS4 Server, What To Choose: Quick Version

Ark PS4 Server, What To Choose: Quick Version


Ark ps4 Server Options

If you are looking to create an ark ps4 server then you have come to the right place! There are a few different options that run from super casual to hardcore. Either way, this article will deliver the information that you need! Keep reading!

Joining a pre-made ark ps4 server

There are ark ps4 server all over the internet begging for gamers to join them. Most of them are super old and no longer exist and others are run by the guys who should not have admin. We have come to the conclusion that we should allow our gamers to post their own servers in a forum created by us. This allows us to keep the servers up to date but also help our awesome readers get awesome tribemates. If you want to join a tribe on a hosted server or official server check our listings here. If you want to create one then just join up and get your tribe or server started!

ark ps4 servers

Ark ps4 server options

IF you want the short version keep reading and if you want all the details click the link above and we cover everything. There are three major ways to start your own ark hosting. I only recommend two of them but you will see why in a moment.


Your ark game allows you to host from your ps4 while you play but makes it so all gamers have to be within a certain distance from you. When you shut off ark all access to the map is gone for the other players in your world. I highly DO NOT recommend this type if you wish to get serious about ark. It is cool however to use to mess around, try new builds and test things out without having to farm the resources. This type is also great for young games that are 8 and under.

Dedicated PS4 Hosting

If you have a spare ps4 lying around this could be a great option for you. Hopefully, you have read this article on what the negative issues are with this. It does do the trick and I would count this as the second-best option next to……

Dedicated 3rd party ark ps4 server

This option is by far the best because not only can you have your servers saved to the cloud every night but it also offers DDoS Protection. A 3rd party server allows you to have server admins on top of the ark map admins. This takes the stress off one person keeping everything running as we all know that life comes before ark, for most of us. The cost of this service varies from company to company but we have one that we work with that has cheap rates, great service and makes everything super easy and fast for setup. Check the prices here. Yes, that is an affiliate link and we appreciate you supporting us. It pretty much pays for hosting, domain and gamers who help us. Want to help us? They have servers all over the world so everyone gets lightning fast speeds and little to no lag. Ark without lag, that sounds crazy, but it’s true.

Setting up your own ark ps4 server

Here we go, check these links out if you are looking to set up a self-hosting or ps4 dedicated server. If you are looking to get the hosting from the 3rd party above then you can click the link and follow the steps. It will take you to the website, click ark in the server list and choose ps4. Pick the server location for the best service, the number of slots, map and checkout and you have an instant setup 3rd party server. You are now free from lag, ddosing, power outages, data loss, and your tribe can help you run things if you add them to the sub-user in your hosting account.

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