Based on the game Arma that has extreme realism, DayZ was first introduced as a mod and then turned into a stand alone it was loved by so many. This game is a cross between a tactical shooter and in our opinion the best zombie game on the market. Now on console and pc, check it out!


Author's rating

Overall rating

Overall rating
The good
  • Extream Realism
  • Large Map with great graphics
  • Multi player with 60 slot servers
The bad
  • Few game bugs
  • Every time you die you start over
  • Very time consuming
The zombie game built from a military simulator, If you want realistic this is it!

Here at wicked monkey gaming, we love dayZ. This game is by far the most realistic game on the market for the console systems and its fair to say that it is near the top on the pc as well. The game does come with some cons but its always being worked on and getting better and better every month. Let go through the review.

DayZ Game Overview

Dayz is a post-apocalyptic game set in a large map that is filled with towns, cities and rural locations such as farms and vast forests. The game is filled with zombies who are constantly on the lookout for survivors to make a sound, fire a gun or show movement. The servers that are used for dayz can host up to 60 plays and if you have played the game at all know how people, just like in real life are way scarier then the dead. When you start out you have literally nothing but a stone knife an apple and a can of pop. Your job is to collect all your gear, food, water, weapons, and medical supplies as you start your journey. This game allows you to roam as a lonely nomad, build bases, work on cars for transportation or start a survivor settlement with other survivors. The greatest part of the game is the realism and how far in-depth it actually goes.

Game Realism

In dayz when you die you lose everything in your inventory and are reincarnated into another person on a lonely beach to start the journey again. However, the game would not keep everything as simple as a respawn. After a firefight with other human survivors and all the zombies trigger by the gunshots are put down, your team kicks into medic mode. One guy is unconscious and bleeding out, your team now needs to patch the holes, test his blood for his blood type, start iv with a kit and give him the proper blood to get him back to health. The best part is all of these items are found in different locations and need to be found and fitted together. The game also goes as far as giving boxes of bullets which need to be taken apart, then loaded into the clip manually in order for the clip to be full once placed in the firearm. This is a true real simulator for the gamers that love that little extra bit to a game. Some gamers will find the game to extream and maybe interested in a game less in-depth such as state of decay 2.  You will know for sure once you get in and hunger, hypothermia, starvation, bacteria from dirty water and allergic reactions set in, and this is all on top of a vast map, flesh-eating zombies, hostile players and nature survival.

Game Value

The game itself is priced very reasonably considering it was just launched for Xbox One and PS4. We here at wicked monkey like the Xbox versions and purchased it for $30 in pre-launch. Now the full price is around the $50 price tag, which is not bad for the number of hours you can put into it. I can see this being a game you can play for years to come.

Overall Rating

The overall rating for dayz from wicked monkey is a 9.0 just based on realism, game time, and developer attention. This game also allows you to host private servers for the pc and soon to be on Xbox and PS4 as well. If you are interested in getting a server for dayz please have a look at a company that we supportyes it is an affiliate link but it helps keep our website live. These guys have great service for a super price for those gamers on a budget.

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