Top Survival games Xbox One

Top Survival games Xbox One


Top Survival games Xbox one Edition

As we all know there are a few different types of survival games out on the market and we are not fans of every type. What we have done here at wicked monkey gaming is break them down into a few different categories that our readers can relate too.

The market has a ton of survival games Xbox one tries to sell you but which ones are really good and which ones are not worthy of your time. We will explain it all here with, yes cash, money, moolah, saving we can pass to you.

The categories we have created for the games are Player vs player survival and Player vs wild/zombie/AI survival this way you can see what you’re in for.


Player vs Player Survival games Xbox one

Pubg – Player unknown battlegrounds

This is a game where everyone jumps out of a plane and begins the battle with nothing. Once you parachute to the ground,  alone or with your team you begin the game of finding the best weapons possible. This battle royal style of game over time squeezes the map smaller and smaller until all players from the decent sized maps are face to face and only one will win. This game has surprisingly good graphics, mechanics and a good sense of realism. This game is highly recommended. Read a full review here.

The game here around 11$



This is another new on the market battle royal game style that is very similar to pubg, Apex is one of the most popular survival games Xbox one has to offer. This game is futuristic so to those gamers that do no like shields, jet packs and energy weapons I would recommend pubg. If you are one of those futuristic gamers then you will for sure be addicted I no time. This game is free to play by downloading it from the Xbox store, but if you are looking for a boost in gun skins, items and cool looks then I’ll just leave these here.

Coin packs




This is easily the biggest battle royal style game on the market as its been around the longest and they definitely have their marketing together. If you are into a cartoon, futuristic gaming then you will like this game, It has more options then apex and is not a serious as pubg. This game is also free to play and comes with bonus skins, weapon skins, custom outfits for v-bucks. If you are interested in getting lower priced vbucks ill add the links.

v-buck links


Conan Exiles

This is a great survival game when it comes to best-rated survival games. Conan Exiles is surviving PVP encounters, ai and elements all in one giant map. This game allows your character to learn skills, weapons, build settlements and defences. This is a real true top ranker in the survival games Xbox one has to offer. Not only can you create your own cities and go to war but you can also create worlds in custom servers and develop to your imagination. I had to list this game as in my opinion if one of the top games on the market currently. I do not have any money saver links for this game so its regular price on Microsoft. I do however have some cheap servers if you are interested in this game.

Servers link


Ark Survival Evolved

Ark survival evolved, in my opinion, is the number two survival game Xbox one has to offer. This comes from many purchases and many gaming hours. This game starts you out as a caveman busting rocks to make tools which then develop over time. Ark also allows you to build settlements from wood houses all the way up to windmills to power your community. Just when you thought it sounded great you are also in the time of the dinosaurs and they are tamable to become pets you use to farm resources or take to battle. Ride anything from the T-rex to a fire dragon defend your walls with turrets and fortifications. T his game comes with a player vs player and player vs environment modes. Ark survival evolved also offers servers for all platforms and full control.

Server links

Sea of thieves

Sea of Thieves is a new game that has been around for a few months that allows you to embody the life of a pirate. With running solo or being in a crew you get to sail the seas looking for other ships to sink and loot. Having a large open-world map this game really uses the compass bearings and maps to navigate your locations. This game made it to our list of survival games Xbox one has to offer because once you board the ship it’s pretty much a fight for your life to keep afloat and your loot protected. The game is an arcade-style of game that has some serious points when it comes to navigation and ship control. The fighting is more arcade as well as the character and locations. The graphics of the water and the world, however, are spectacular.

Game links here



Wicked monkey Gaming feels that this is one of the best survival games on the Xbox at this current time. The game is very in-depth and realistic for those that want a real true survival game. This game is about surviving in a world after the zombie apocalypse and you need to find everything possible to survive. The humans in the game are far worse than any brain-eating zombie. This game allows your character to get sick, break limbs, build communities, starve, get hypothermia and more. The depth of the game is not for everyone, most like the simple you shoot your gun and it goes off, Dayz goes the extra mile, you need to find the gun, clean the gun, find the magazine, put the ammo in the magazine, and load your gun. All sound and light-emitting devices are possible to use and will attract zombies but gunshots can be heard over 3 miles away alerting players of your location and where to pick up their new loot. Amazing game, read our full review here

server links


Player vs AI/ zombie Survival games Xbox one

State of decay 1 & 2

State of Decay is an open-world zombie survival game that allows gamers to build a colony, drive vehicles, collect weapons, medical supplies, and other much-needed gear to survive. This is one of the better survival games Xbox one has to offer the only thing is it completely single player with no online options. However, the game did get so much positive feedback that they released a number 2 with up to 4 co-op campaign slots. State of decay comes with a variety of different weapons and weapon parts as well as different zombie types to use them on. The game is worth every $ and you will get tons of enjoyment from it. See our full review here. If you are looking for some saving check the links below.

Game links

Dying light

Dying like awesome for hacker slasher zombie games. It’s like a tower defence but the whole world is your tower. You can craft weapons from components you find in the world and use them to get that twisted satisfaction knowing your zombies will die with an over the top twist. The expansion packs offer more maps and vehicles and currently, I’m playing this and I love it. This game comes from the makers of Dead Island and riptide back on the 360 so if you have played either of those and loved them this is the next level version. If you like to stack bodies and complete missions with friends then I recommend you check this game out. Here are the saving links to keep gaming affordable.



I have always seen mine craft as the kid version of ark, and don’t take that as a negative. Minecraft is a great survival game with basic graphics and loads of options for building; this could easily kill hours for a grown-up as well. My daughter is one of the biggest Minecraft junkies I know and its lets her be creative and expands her mind for ideas. If you would like to check this game out its one of the most streamed games on mixer next to fortnight and apex. Minecraft also offers large servers and you can literally have 60 friends building on the same map. So this game is an all in one, multiplayer, survival, zombies, building, traps, and one hell of a game. Check the links below to save a few bucks if you want to give it a go.

Game  link

Resident evils 2/4/5/6/7

Resident Evil is a great game to play with the lights out and the speakers loud. This game does not only have some great graphics but also has some top-notch levels and campaigns. This game takes you into a survivor role as umbrella corporation messes up and nukes the planet releasing a biotoxin that makes everyone into zombies. The games are great and should be played in order as they are a complete storyline but resident evil 5 I find was the best. If you like killing zombies, guns, kick-ass characters and finding hidden items then this series is for you. Some of the games have large maps the funnel you to where you need to be other are the old you can only go down this hallway. It’s a great experience like I said with the lights low and the volume up, some stuff can be creepy. Some of the games also have multiplayer options for online zombie-killing such as resident evil 5. I mostly stuck to the campaigns as they keep you pretty busy and have a ton of hidden items. Keep your phone handy its one of those games. If you want to check them out and save a few bucks here are the links


Far cry 5

Far cry is a great open-world map that allows you to discover places, hunt wild animals, and put together a guerrilla force to neutralize threats. I added this game to the best survival games Xbox one has to offer because at the end of the day there is a lot of combat, things get intense but it’s also a great break from zombies and gets you more into attacking wildlife and militant groups. The graphics are great and the survival game kind of feels like ghost recon with less in-depth features. This is a fun game but may not be for everyone. If you want to take a peek at it here are some money saver links.

Game links


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