How to peek through doors in Modern Warfare

How to peek through doors in Modern Warfare


How to peek through doors in Modern Warfare

We can all agree that the door mechanics in modern Warfare are an enormous change of magnitude from previous titles. From exploding them open, to tactically peeking through them, infinity Ward has remarkably lived up to their expectations in the new release
However, not many folks knowledge to use these mechanics to their full advantage, thus here’s a quick guide for you to use the feature for how to peek through doors in Modern Warfare

The Guide

1. Find a door that can be opened within the map

2. Aim down your sights (ADS) at the door

3. You will then see a pop up on the screen that allows your character to Peek door.

4. Then you’ll be able to peek through the door by moving up against it slowly

5. Boom, Bobs your uncle

6 Use this to get ahead in a search and destroy match

7 If you would like to burst open a door, merely sprint into it.

I’m confident this mechanic can have some fascinating uses within the search and destroy lovers, particularly when concealing your position throughout less noise and visibility. Most of the time all other game types are too fast-paced to take the time to open a door slowly. When it comes to search and destroy on any call of duty game, most players need to make every second count after the barrage of grenades goes off from the start. This also works well if you are using this technique with hearing enhanced headphones to not only get some visibility but also hear what is on or approaching the other side of the door.

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